Design Process

Design Process

The visual aspect is the first thing through which most people interact with most things. Whether be environment, food or your website, they are perceived with the visual sense in most cases. Now we can also use a quote which says “The first impression is the last impression”. And just like the quote, the design of the website is the first thing through which a visitor interacts with your website. Which makes it very important to have a nice welcoming design. The design of your website should be such that it’s easy to understand and which connects with the visitor subconsciously. But how to achieve such a design is the most important part. Let me take you through the basic design process.

Now to keep things simple we won’t be taking the detailed technical route, instead we’ll show you a general workflow of the design process.

Design Workflow

Defining the Project:

In this stage, after getting a project query we prepare a general plan about the website depending on the type of business which you run. You might ask why does the type of your business matter? The answer is quite simple, you don’t give a book to a gamer. In other words, the design of a website where there’s a lot of reading material needs to have a design which is quite minimal and enhances the text on the website. On the other hand, a website for gamers needs to be quite techy and with a black background to give him an intuitive feeling.

Combining the thoughts

After the basic layout is ready, we’ll explain it to you and will also grab your ideas for it. Now, a carefully analysed design will be prepared, from the ideas on both the ends and will be presented to you. This design will be based on all the need of your business and a careful evaluation of what your customers want. Each and every element in the design will be there for a specific reason and will only make the user experience better. Furthermore, always keep in mind that simplicity always wins over fancy, so try to go for a practical design rather than just a fancy design.

Coding – Fun part starts

Once you give a green signal to the design, we’ll start to work on it. By working we basically means, we’ll start to take convert the design from just a visual concept to a working website. Usually, this process takes a lot of time and to deliver the best product, you always need time. Carefully designing dynamic websites for all the different screen size devices is what consumes most of the time in this process. As more and more people are on mobile devices nowadays, thus we also need to focus more on mobile first development.

Testing Phase

Once the overall design of the website is ready, testing it is the next obvious step. We test all the different scenarios and code on various levels to fix any bugs and to remove any redundant code (used during development). After all your website don’t just need to look good but also to perform good and for that, the code has to load quick. We test the design on various devices with varying screen sizes so that it’s perfect for every case scenario.


This is the last process where we finally polish the code and make sure that everything works. We also make a checklist and go from start to finish to see that we are delivering what we promised. This step is the most important step as after all of the process above, we finally hand over the product to you. Thus making sure that everything works and you’ll be satisfied with the product is the utmost priority.

And finally we handover the website with you. Now our work doesn’t just end here, we do listen to all the feedback and yours is also necessary. Moreover, you can always ask us to make any necessary changes and revisions to the design and we would be happy to assist you. ☺