Workflow in Singh Media Group

Workflow is the word that denotes everything about the process of doing some work. In simple words, a step by step process flow of some work. So in order to explain to others about our workflow first, we need to understand what Singh Media Group as a company is? We are a company which provides online services for your business needs. And every company out there has different needs fulfil their customer’s demands. Thus our workflow depends much on the needs of our customers rather than enforcing a workflow which becomes a hindrance in productivity.

Does that mean, we do not have a workflow? We do have a workflow but in the most general way possible and rest all of the things revolve around hitting a rhythm with our client. We want to make our clients feel that they are working on their own terms rather than on our terms. So the word by which we can explain our workflow is FLEXIBLE.

The Workflow

We Receive a Project Request

As we receive a project request, we transfer the request to the appropriate department (as we offer different services). Once the appropriate department has the project request, they search your business, analyse and devise a basic layout for the project and respond back to you. If you like the initial response then we move forward and proper details of the project are asked. For example if we are to make website for an ecommerce then we need to know the type of ecommerce it is. We would also like to know the target audience so that the website can be designed according to that.

Proper details are shared

Once the core details are shared then, we’ll analyse your project to make a proper detailed plan and layout of the workflow. Once that is done, at that time we’ll send you an estimate price quote about the complete project with the key points and also the estimated time to complete the project. If you agree to that then, we’ll move forward to the execution part.


Every project is important to us and to deliver your project with utmost decency and under time limit will be our priority. If we take an example about the website again then we’ll prepare a design mock-up, colours layout, branding consistency to give you an overall idea of user interface of your website. Also take clues from your existing website (if you have any), because visitors of your website know your current design and keeping a few elements the same would be good for your current customers. During the execution part we’ll contact you several times because we would like to show you all the steps we are taking and also to get your ideas on the work.

All your suggested changes will be taken into account and once you are happy with the final design then it’ll be implemented. In this whole process we’ll also recommend you some ideas or give you advices from time to time since the final product don’t just have to look good but perform good.


It’s the most important part of all, at this stage only, you’ll be actually able to work with your project (website for example). You can test your project at this time and also suggest us to make any final changes if necessary. Once all your suggested changes are done, we’ll take a final few more days to polish the project and then finally deliver it to you. After this only we’ll ask you about the final payment after which your project will be called finished. Do note that you can always contact us to make some necessary changes since we like our clients to be completely satisfied with our work.

Note: Although every client is important to us and they are experts in their own fields, but sometimes the demands are such that they go against the work ethics. In such cases, we would humbly request to keep an open mind about the work and do not force us to do something which we would regret to deliver. The best work gets done when both the parties are on the same page. We could have also added this info in some terms and conditions with very small text, but we like to be straight-forward and truthful with our clients.